About Us


To take businesses to the next level via Special Direction


Our accredited international business consultants aim to improve your firm's performance and profitability through:

    Optimizing the human capital investment.
    Developing the best fit training modules.
    Creating the employer of choice environment

Who We Are

Special Direction was established by a group of business consultants, both local & international, from various backgrounds that complement each other to form a very special team. Together, our enthusiasm comes from providing you with world-class business consultancy, HR services, and training programs, which fit your firm's needs and always exceed your expectations. We believe in making a change not only in the company’s performance but also ultimately in the lives of the people who work there.

SD Method

At Special Direction we transform your business. We provide integral, lasting and customized business solutions addressing your unique company challenges. Our objective is to optimize your business performance.

Integral Transformation

At Special Direction we analyze your business goals and study your company’s potentials. We do not remedy the effects, but rather eliminate the cause of your problems through timely & effective solutions. Special Direction is exceptional in its abilities to provide your business with the appropriate people, tools and resources to help you grow in the direction you want. We plant the seeds of change within your business whose fruits can be felt across your company at all levels. Our aim is to look at the challenges of the organization as a whole and create integrated change from within.

Lasting Transformation

You can be sure that at Special Direction, we don't only develop the right solution for your company but stay put until we see the integral transformation take a life of its own. We track results and monitor changes until the desired results are achieved. Our goal is to deliver solutions that maximize your company's efficiency in the long run.

Customized Transformation

Whether you are a small, a mid-sized or a large organization, at Special Direction we recognize that not all companies have the same challenges. That’s why we offer distinctive solutions in line with your goals. We understand that every company has different dynamics, systems and corporate cultures. We find the best business solutions for your organization. With us, every company has its unique, very own, Special Direction.

Why SD

Best qualified professionals: Our team members must enroll in a one year Management Accredited Program ensuring they are up-to-date with the latest in the Business field, both from a theoretical and practical standpoint.
Exceptional delivery: Our team is committed to providing you with exceptional quality work. This focus is reflected on our team members, our processes, our training, our methodology and ultimately our delivery.
Changing your company from within: Because we are committed to your company’s long term health, we don’t only customize fitting, lasting solutions but we monitor progress, track the implementation throughout at every level.
Our distinctive ‘ownership guiding principle’: Every person in the team is an owner through profit sharing. Our team therefore demonstrates high levels of project ownership, self-motivation, pro-activity and a laser like focus on results.