Headhunting, Executive search & Recruitment

 When it comes to recruitment, we do not compromise nor accept partial settlement or half solution. This is because selecting the employees that have the right qualifications and competencies is one of the most important factors of the organization's success and its continuous development. When the recruitment process is being practiced efficiently and effectively, it will optimize the investments of the organization. That's why it should be done through professional procedures to ensure the highest standards of quality and to achieve the desired goals.

In Special Direction, we believe that our customers' success is our reference, which we are proud of. Therefore, it is important for us to study and analyze the nature of the job, client's business/ industry and the organization's environment so that we can carry out the recruitment process according to a scientific and practical methodology. This methodology includes: professional and personal analysis, study of job compatibility, which collectively aim to serve the client and contribute to the organization's success.

Our Services in Recruitment

    Talent Acquisition
    Headhunting and Executive Search

Recruitment Methodology

    Studying the Organization
    Understanding the Requirement of the Organization
    Searching in the Databases
    Cooperating with our Partners
    Conducting Professional and Personal Analysis
    Preparing a List of Candidates
    Checking and verifying Reference – Quality Management Process
    Conducting Special Programs
    Nominating the Most Suitable Candidates
    Providing Guarantee